Gifts by Recipient


Everyone looks forward to opening gifts with bright eyes and huge smile on their faces. Receiving a present tells you that someone important to you cares about you, appreciates you and wants you to succeed. It鈥檚 no surprise that picking out something for a friend is a terrific way to brighten up their day and cement your friendship for a long time. How can you pick out a present they love? Well, put simply, if the gift makes their life easier or reflects their personality and interests, the recipient is pretty much guaranteed to adore it. Here are a few possibilities for inspiration from us at west elm.

For Her

It鈥檚 true that both men and women share a ton of common interests. For some guys, pink is their colour of choice. Women can enjoy activities like rock climbing and classic car restoration just as much as men do. Traditionally speaking, many women love fashion and jewellery. If a friend likes to look amazing before leaving the house, personalised jewellery boxes provide a safe storage spot for rings, lockets, earrings and watches. Diffusers and candles are awesome for filling a bedroom or ensuite bath with a relaxing aroma for some personal pampering time.

For Him

What do guys like? Just like with women, their interests can vary a lot. However, picking out a present for a friend isn鈥檛 hard. Noticing what they get excited about is pretty easy. Some men are into technology and the latest gadgets. Others have a natural flair for mixing drinks. Gifts that contribute to the respect other people have a man are also appreciated. Bar tools do both for a cocktail-mixing aficionado who likes to flip martinis and slide across the room in his socks. They cater to his interests and give him an awesome reputation at parties.

Cooks and Kitchen Enthusiasts

What can you give the person who dreams of being a pro chef? There are many options, and they mainly cover two aspects: function and style. Practical gifts provide an edge for cooks to squeeze extra flavour out of their ingredients. Since tasty food is a passion, kitchen enthusiasts appreciate things like cutting boards, a mortar and pestle and aprons. For amazing presentations, serving boards made of wood or marble cause a huge reaction on the faces of guests.

Clients and Colleagues

If you鈥檙e looking for a gift for your boss or coworkers, look for something that enhances their office. Decorative objects, plants, wall art and picture frames add elegance and let them personalise the ambience of their workspace. Personalised stationery and organisation tools make business workers feel especially important.