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How to Furnish an Outdoor Patio

Furnishing an outdoor patio gives additional living space without having to add square footage to your home. Take advantage of the outdoors for entertaining, relaxing or just as a little retreat. Once it鈥檚 completely decorated you鈥檒l find yourself naturally gravitating to it.

Find the Right Furniture Collection

Breathing in the fresh air and listening to nature鈥檚 background music will be even more refreshing if you have a comfortable place to sit. Depending on the size of the area, select a sofa and chair collection that fits the area and will be comfortable. You鈥檒l want adequate seating for family members but also for future entertaining.

Outdoor furniture is constructed and upholstery is designed to hold up to Mother Nature鈥檚 elements. It鈥檚 durable and attractive all in one. For dining alfresco, consider one of the dining sets. We have a fabulous selection at west elm with lots of different sizes and styles.

A casual dining table with benches for seating is a welcoming spot for a picnic or a candlelight dinner. Small bistro tables and chairs fit easily into small spaces and fold up to store. Woven tables have a little nautical inspiration with wide striped fabric that matches with any decor. Once the furniture is situated where you want it, consider adding some accessories to make it feel even more like a room.

Decorating Ideas Using Accessories

An outdoor rug instantly gives a sense of cosiness to the area. Neutral hues in the rug鈥檚 colour allow it to blend into any colour motif. So it really goes with anything. A rug gives a soft padding for feet and a place for the kids to play or the dog to curl up and nap.

Use outdoor limestone, galvanised tin or wooden planters filled with plants to liven up the outdoor living space. If you have a green thumb and enjoy tending to plants you can always plant live plants in the pots. If you prefer a low- or no-maintenance variety go for faux plants that look real.

Hanging rope hangers with plants is a great idea to add some height dimension with a carefree, gypsy vibe. Dangle several haphazardly around the outdoor living area or hang a single planter in a corner or tight spot.

Accessorise with candles and strings of lights to create some ambience and practicality for use at night. The extra light will be helpful to see better but will also add a festive and hospitable tone in the air. Hang the lights on railings, walls or overhead if your patio is covered. Choose from lively flamingo lights, cacti or classic pineapples. Scatter the assorted candle in lanterns around the space to balance out the light.

Entertaining Preparation

An outdoor space is an ideal setting for entertaining a few friends or a crowd. There are lots of ways to get creative in using the space. You already have a fabulous backdrop with your backyard.

Light the candles and fluff the furniture cushions just before guests arrive. By placing a bucket of ice filled with beverages on the dining or bistro table, folks will be drawn to that area for refills. Have appetisers on a coffee table near the sofa to balance out the crowd and where they tend to congregate. Acrylic or wooden serveware is basically shatterproof so you don鈥檛 have to worry about it breaking. Make a batch of Margaritas, iced tea or sangria and serve it in an acrylic pitcher. The see-through container will show off the concoction garnished with limes in the margaritas, lemons in the tea or fruit slices in the sangria.